医生:免疫系统受影响等因素 导致部分患者出现皮肤问题

SPH Chinese News – Lianhe Zaobao
22 May 2022


Lianhe Zaobao provided post-event coverage of the NSC Public Health Forum on Covid & Skin, held on May 7, 2022, featuring insights from various industry professionals, including Dr. Ang Sue May.

Dr. Ang Sue May highlighted a significant concern related to the prolonged use of face masks and its potential to lead to skin issues. She pointed out that the warm and moist environment created when breathing under a mask can create a favourable breeding ground for bacteria on the skin. To mitigate this concern, Dr. Ang offered practical advice, recommending measures such as regularly changing face masks, avoiding the application of oily skincare products, and refraining from wearing makeup when using face masks. These insights provide valuable guidance for individuals aiming to maintain healthy skin while adhering to mask-wearing practices during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


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